2 weeks back

I finally had my scan on Monday! 

My midwife and I first counted the weeks from my last period, as do most of people, and I would have been 14 weeks tomorrow. But the scan showed I’m 2 weeks behind than what we originally thought, I’m 12 weeks tomorrow instead. 

I was really bugged at first, the date being changed from mid February to the beginning of March but then I thought about it and it’s actually a good thing- I ca work longer and get that little bit more prepared. 

Little bean’s heart is strong and it was a tiny acrobat, it could barely stay still for the ultrasound, kicking and waving its arms and legs about, stretching and floating around. 

It made everything feel real. 

I just HAD to test again!

11 + 4 today

It’s starting to hit me a lot more that I’m actually carrying a little baby inside of me! For a while between when I first found out and two days ago it sort of felt like it wasn’t real, not because it’s so great that it feels like a dream (which it does) but because I barely got symptoms that 100% meant I was pregnant.

A part of me thought I got a false positive because I have no nausea, no sickness, no food aversions, no nothing. Just sore boobs and vivid dreams- and that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m having a baby. 

But I cracked and tested again, half expecting to be disappointed but hey ho! I’m really having this baby! 

Now it seems more real than ever. I can’t wait to find a house and start getting it ready for the little one. 

11 weeks 1 day

The vivid dreams are coming in now, and the funny thing is they’re mostly about my baby! He’s so small and beautiful it makes me so excited for him to be here. 

I have to ring the hospital up today to make an appointment for some tests- nothing serious though, it’s tests to see if there’s any chance the baby has Down’s syndrome or other similar abnormalities. I think I’m getting a scan with that too so I need to preferably make the appointment on a Monday evening so my boyfriend’s, my mum’s and my work works around it. 

It’s getting more real every day!

The baby is now the size of a brussels sprout. 

An increase in happiness.

It was only 3 weeks ago, what a short time, that I had no idea my world was about to change. I remember the days coming up to THAT day where I thought to myself, my life is great. I smelt the nature and I saw the beauty of it- even when it rained I enjoyed it. There was something different about me, I was happier! No more doom and gloom, as cheesy as it sounds, my point of view has changed. 

I thought nothing of it.

Thinking back to it all now, it makes sense. My baby made me happy without me knowing it was there. It made me see the things that I always missed- the heightened sense of smell helped me notice how beautiful the trees smelt. I didn’t even know that trees had a smell! There is no doubt in my mind that my little pea has changed my perspective of the world and I’m thankful for it. 

I know it’s too early to be so happy. I know anything can happen yet, I’m far from the safe months. But what are we if not hopeful and excitable. 

I’m going to be a mother.